Presenting Online Personality - Mister Peabody (vodkabeforenoon) wrote,
Presenting Online Personality - Mister Peabody

Foto Dump (8 months)

((Milk Cornets are good with some dark coffee))

((Kimchi fried rice))

((Midnight snackies. Sake, dark japanese beer and dried fish))

((Black Pepper Crab Top Ramen.))

((Critique some of my portfolio pieces. Most are trashed))

((Making 'textures' for design class. Used different slides to create textures.))

Prof: "Is there DumbAss in there?"
Me: "No, but there is some leukemia and HPV."

((We needed more beer with this))

((Because some people think its supposed to hurt.))

((Yes. I test out all the products. Just probably not the way you expect me to.))

((Gwash painting. Everyone had problems with this medium. One kid lost it and started screaming "FUCK" in front of our proof, I counted over 28 times. Mind you, our professor is a respectable working artist. He has drawn the Archie comics and other stuff.))

((Testing out prints))

((Shes so soft, but she cant knock the breath out of you.))


((We like it raw))

((Too much sake, we had to walk all over Elmwood to sober up.))

((Miso, wantons and spinach default meals))

((Sweet bath))

((Over estimated the sugar))

((Looking Blue))


((Reading material))

((Removing paint because last tenant was a fuckhead))

((Better than before))

((Drink more water and then you wont stink))

((Vegan Mac&'Cheese'))

((Cool concept but...))

((I Love touching all the new massagers. I like showing the guys and stretching them open for them. Some of the guys freak out because they don't expect me to be so open.))

((Needs more beer))

((Cheesecake Therapy))

((Inspiration after Toronto. Marinated eggs are love))

((Pan fried dumplings))

((Best Wanton soup eva))

((I need to marinate some eggs))

((My signed copy of Softer Side. This is one that resonates with us most))

((Bo Koh))

((Need moar beer))

((Shit we say to the guys in the back room))

((My little red panda))

((Grew the Sprouts myself))

((These are good for aches and pains))

((For tobacco use only))

((This guy did X, Y and Z so I kicked him out. Which guy? The old white one. THAT IS EVERY FUCKING PERSON WHO COMES IN HERE))

((Only thing I can grow))

((I decided I needed all the shitty smut novels))

((It came out looking like this))

((Needed more beer))

((One of my favorite trashy foods))

((The table exploded. I don't know what happen))

((Mei's mom, because we need to strive for ultimate whiteness.))

((Brussels and Hash. Drizzled Japanese Mayo and Sweet Soy Sauce on it))

((Brussels on everything))

((Ah to be young again...))

((Found. Mei thinks its creepy.))

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