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Flirting with Fictitiousness

playing with my shadow

Presenting Online Personality - Mister Peabody

I use this journal to pick apart my thoughts and make sense of the stuff that happens. Nothing exciting happens here.

I like eating pizza while watching health videos on youtube. I like the freedom of living in the woods where I know no one would bother me; but the convenience of a super market open 24/7 so I can get ice cream during a blizzard.

I like taking new people I meet to petting zoos. For us to get along, you have to not be an idiot or at least have enough self-awareness of how much of an idiot you are. I like people who are chill and are secure enough to not try to compete with me. My awesomeness isn’t something you should try to compare to.

Currently my mood is a jar of spicy ginger tea.

i am a island, monastery forest